Iketleng Primary School FC received new soccer kit from Hollywoodbets Pretoria - Sponsorship

Iketleng Primary School FC (Gauteng)

The Hollywoodbets Pretoria team chose to support Iketleng Primary School FC as part of the Hollywoodbets Soccer Sponsorship Programme for 2016/2017. Learn more here.

Hollywoodbets Pretoria
Iketleng Primary School FC


This school-level soccer club is made up of three teams and was started two years ago to develop the kids’ social skills.

Team members from the Hollywoodbets Pretoria branch went to visit the players at their school grounds to deliver a full soccer kit for one of the teams.

The players and staff were really grateful for the donation.

Mr R.T. Sepeng thanked the company for their support.

“This is our first football kit since 2014. Our players will meet FIFA requirements due to the kit. Numbers on the kit will also help during tournaments. We will really look like a team and this will surely motivate our players,” he said.

Contact details
Email address: iketlengprimaryschool@gmail.com
Tel:  072 964 1465
Tel:  072 399 4582

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  1. We are a new school based in Vryheid KZN(Harpo primary school) we are struggling to find soccer kit and netball kit. Our kids are very active in sports, the problem is the kits. Please help sponsor us

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