Merensky High School FC

The Hollywoodbets Tzaneen team chose to support Merensky High School FC as part of the Hollywoodbets Soccer Sponsorship Programme for 2017/2018. Learn more here.

Merensky High FC
Hollywoodbets Tzaneen

This school soccer club started 20 years ago to provide soccer coaching and training to interested students.

The club is home to 35 players and consists of two teams. The teams practice three times a week at their school grounds.

The club has two players that moved up the league and now plays for the Brazil League.

The Hollywoodbets Tzaneen Team visited the school and distributed a complete soccer kit to the fourteen to nineteen-year-old players.

Organiser, Gavin Terblanche, was grateful for the support and thanked Hollywoodbets for their generosity.

“The donation we received form you has given our players a feeling of support. Thank you,” he said.

Contact details
T: 082 576 3567

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