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Salvation FC
Hollywoodbets Mashishing

Hollywoodbets Mashishing chose Salvation FC as their club of choice for Hollywoodbets’ Soccer Sponsorship Programme. The Hollywoodbets team talks about the club.

Salvation FC was formed in 2010 as a result of the high crime rate and drug abuse in the local community. The boys who form part of the club are between the ages of 12 and 18 years. One of the players told the Hollywoodbets team that the soccer team’s following is growing and that the players are happy to have something to keep them busy after school and out of trouble. The club is called Salvation because salvation means being saved. The players believe that they are saving ourselves from all the crime and drug abuse in their community. They also believe that they are saving South Africa’s future leaders, because they are tomorrow’s future”. The team thanked Hollywoodbets Mashishing for the new kit they received.

Salvation FC pose with their new Hollywoodbets sponsored soccer kit.







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