Seapoint FC United – Hollywoodbets Sea Point

Western Cape
Hollywoodbets Sea Point
Seapoint FC United

Hollywoodbets Sea Point chose Seapoint FC United as their club of choice for Hollywoodbets’ Soccer Sponsorship Programme. The Hollywoodbets team talks about the club.

Seapoint FC United is a team made up of young adults aged between 20 and 35. The organisation was formed by members of the community and soccer lovers. The team comes together three times a week after work to practise and have fun. They encourage the youngsters as well as their donors to participate in their project and, by doing this, they help to develop the youth.

On a lovely Wednesday afternoon Hollywoodbets Sea Point team members paid a visit to the team to hand over their new soccer kit. The team was busy practicing but when they saw the new arrivals they stopped immediately and were thrilled to see what was in the bag. Most of the team players are Hollywoodbets’ biggest fans which made this very special!

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