Valencia United Brothers FC (Eastern Cape)

The Sgt Peppers team chose to support Valencia United Brothers FC as part of the Hollywoodbets Soccer Sponsorship Programme for 2016/2017. Learn more here.

Valencia United Brothers Football Club
Hollywoodbets Sgt Peppers
Eastern Cape

The club was first formed 12 years ago to try and combat the high crime rate in the area by inspiring the members of the community through sport.

They currently have six divisions including Under 9, Under 13, Under 15, Under 17 as well as a Second and First division.

Team members from Hollywoodbets Sgt Peppers spent some time with the players at their ground and delivered a soccer kit for one team.

President Tandekile Dyasi thanked Hollywoodbets for the donation.

“Just as a child is given a name and surname by his/her parents and can be easily identified among other children we can now be easily identified from other teams. Thanks to our own parents by the name of Hollywoodbets we will be noticed by people. Hollywoodbets’ support will boost the spirit, respect and love among our team members. Even our families will start seeing that the club is going forward!” he said.

Contact details – Valencia United Brothers FC

65/53 Indwe Street
Port Elizabeth

Tel: 063 230 0869
Tel: 078 680 9005

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